• Beat It Blend


    Lime - astringent, antioxidants, fever reducing 

    Spearmint - boosts concentration, improves memory, reduces stress

    Lemongrass - anti-inflammatory, confidence booster, fights depression & anxiety

    Ginger - warming, soothing to respiratory tract, reduces inflammation 

    Juniper - antibacterial & anti-fungal, relieve bloating

    Clove - promotes healthy breathing, antibacterial, natural anesthetic

  • Be Balanced Blend


    Basil - boost alertness, soothe muscle aches, anti-viral

    Sage - stress reduction, calming, antidepressant

    Cardamom - calming to the respiratory & digestive system 

    Cinnamon - stimulates healthy circulation, anti-fungal

    Cedar - alleviates arthritis pain, promotes emotional balance

    Patchouli - spicy, relieves headaches

  • Be Bold Blend


  • Be Beautiful Blend